Frid Branham is an artist/architect living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work spans multi-disciplinary forms including sculpture, installation, fiber, and 2-d mediums. As an artist and architect, her work regularly reflects on the conventions and history of everyday and home; our daily routines, especially those leaving or requiring marks: how our decisions are affected in nature and gained by the associations of experience, rituals, memory and perception. She looks at us [from individual to community] and other creatures for these markings, flows and built efforts left in our surroundings. Frid is interested in the subtle differences of daily actions and accumulations: the imprint they leave, creating unique interpretations and physical spaces. Can these results be accepted as evidence of fact or further distortion influenced by the mediums used? What interests her is the altering of the viewer’s perception in relation to these physical markings, use and history.

For Frid, there is great satisfaction completing an object which requires a lot of focused effort, with limited knowledge about the method. The laborious and repetitive nature of making act as her guide and largest challenge. The process has become a tremendous struggle. Working in a profession dominated by men, she choses to use a mediums/methods historically defined as “women’s work”. As Frid is regularly reminded of her gender differences, she believe the scale and duration can challenge these perceptions.